Offarim Israel Experience
Offarim Israel Experience is an out of the ordinary way to tour Israel. Directed by a married couple - Ofra and Offer, who are two former IDF officers. We combine love of Israel, knowledge of every obscure dirt path with proven organizational skills.
In addition, and above all, we wish to unveil the normal, sometimes non touristic, side of Israel. 
We base the trips on past experiences with our own family, friends, and guests. You will visit our favorite places- those that native Israelis explore, return to, and love to be at. The trips are not "cookbook tours", they are Tailor made, personal tours of Israel. 
Israel, that you will see with us will expose you both to the scenery and the blending of wonderful people that make this place - a home.
Imagine for a second:
The incredible Masada where Elazar Ben Yair (commander of the rebels on Masada) told his people –" It is our right to live as free people but when we are deprived of it we are left with the option to die as free people.” 
The Golan Heights where ordinary people faced their destiny and saw how spirit could overcome weapons.
Explore the amazing stories of kings and prophets, of burning beliefs, incredible political powers clashes as they took place in this land, thousands of years ago. 
The secret side of the Negev desert and its dry emptiness. Sit with us around a bonfire and listen to the stories of the Nabatien people, who were the true rulers of the desert. Learn how they drove the ancient caravans through the secret paths from Yemen to Israel. 
The past, by digging with archaeologists.
The future, familiarize yourself with the ingenuity of Israel's famous high-tech industries and start-up companies.
Discover our most amazing "Natural Resource” –Israeli creativity.
Let us present you with the spirit of the land combined with the passion of its people.
Our commitment is to make you a true member of our family.

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