Jordan – Three days

Mount jeeps and cross into Jordan for three days of fun, history, the incredible sandy dunes of Wadi Ram, the magnificent village of Petra, the phenomena of fresh running rivers in the desert. This will be a tour where we all become Lawrences and Lauras of Arabia, and fall in love with this incredible, vast, and untouched desert. 
Day-1: Departing the border we head straight to Jordan's treasure -- Petra. A city so steeped in myth it remains legendary. We tour this remarkable and fascinating city by foot, visit the sights of particular beauty and interest and learn about its creators and occupants. Returning to our jeeps, we begin our journey on the spectacular routes that wind their way down through the Adom Mountains to the Arava Valley 
Day-2: brings us to the beautiful and vast Wadi Rum, where red sand dunes and natural pillars of sandstone that were sculptured by millions of years of gentle erosion dominate the landscape. This enchanting and mystical region won the heart of Lawrence of Arabia) and here are the Seven Pillars named after his book the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Wadi Rum's unique and awesome qualities still mesmerize the travelers who venture there. 
Day-3: Water in the desert – the phenomena that is hard to understand. In the middle of this desert, is the lowest place in the world (the Dead Sea area), where water is the biggest treasure, and we will take a lovely walk in a river! The cool water, combined with the heat of the desert is the only way to go. We will have "water fights,” laughs, good food served right next to the flowing water – you'll have to pinch yourself to see that you are not dreaming – you are in Jordan and not in New England.


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