School is one of the centers of the community. It is where all the kids meet and spend a great portion of the time. School becomes the pivot of activity for many parents. At Offarim Israel Experience tours, we have prepared a tour package that revolves around that group. The package contains travel activity for children and the parents; it emphasizes the subjects learned in school concerning Israel, such as:

  • Jerusalem -- the symbol, the history, the modern day conflict.
  • Masada – the symbol of resistance and fighting for your beliefs.
  • Golan Heights – the importance in the past and the conflict today.
  • Kfar Kedem – the life in the biblical time, traditions, roots.
  • Zfat – Kabala traditions, stories of great philosophers and rabbis.
  • The Negev – the Nabatiens, rulers of the ancient desert, off road excursion to the desert. Rafting, ATV rides, cliff repelling, snorkeling, bonfires, and a lot more.

The bonds developed in this trip will continue long after the group leaves Israel. The subjects that the kids learn in classrooms receive a powerful new meaning when encountered first hand. Going together as a group that has so many things in common and then experiencing Israel as a community strengthens the connection within the group. Our guides are the glue that combines all the desires and expectations of the members in the group. Our ability to reach out to discover the needs of every person with us is what makes us special.


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