Family Generation Tours

What can be better than to have the whole family for a 10-14 days tour together? A tour with driving for hours and watching the DVDs, playing Nintendo, and complaining. . No come on, we mean activities that combines comfort, sports, family ties, meaningful experience, new aromas, laughs and sometimes a good cry. 
The trips we design are all of the above: a joint activity of youngsters and the "less young ones" – rafting on the Jordan River or ATV activity for the whole family. Off-road excursions into the desert – the luxury way. Become "Indiana Jones in a bathing suit" and explore the ruins by snorkeling together in the Mediterranean. Dig the past on your own – whatever you find is yours (as long as it is not important and valuable). The Western Wall, the tunnels of the past, the sunrise over Masada, camel rides with the Bedouins, the comfort of the spa in the middle of nowhere, taste the best wines, the incredible food and rest in the most comfortable hotels and cabins. 
Above all this we will create a family memory that will live well beyond the Family album.

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