Bar / Bat Mitzvah

Having a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah are vital and significant part of the life of Jewish children. It is an important junction where daily life intersects with heritage and the spiritual sense of being Jewish. A tour in which we expose youngsters to our traditions in Israel provides:
Touring Jerusalem with its Western wall, the Western Wall tunnels and 3000 years of history and it is the centerpiece for the of Bar Mitzvah child. No matter how big and extravagant a party back home – to be in front of the Western Wall with children, relatives and close friends, reconnecting a bond started thousands of years ago, knowing that just by being here is one of life’s special moments – is unforgettable.
Meeting Ethiopian Jewish families who left a country that is primitive, were flown into the 21st century, and are now learning how to become productive participants in one of the most sophisticated countries in the world. Experiencing the sunrise at the top of Masada, after an early morning walk up the Snake Path. Spirit verses strength, the contrast of the few remaining Jews confronting the sadistic Roman legion, fighting for survival –will be the lesson your children will hear and respect come to on the top of Masada, even 2000 years later. Participating in a Mitzvah project – when passing the crossroad of becoming a young adult it is important to be exposed and pay attention to the less fortunate and to be able to look others not in a judgment but to develop active empathy for others. You will go to a soup kitchen, help prepare a meal and serve it -- another experience that will make an indelible impression in the mind of a child growing into adulthood. Visiting an Army base – for some of our groups (depending on the participants) we organize a visit to an active army unite. When the Bar Mitzvah kids from the United States enter college, the Israeli kids join the Israel Defense Forces. Becoming aware of the reality of these two different post-adolescent experiences generates a greater understanding of the lives we have in Israel. We will meet the young soldiers and their commanders, talk about their daily lives, see a display of their equipment, and hear about the conflicts which they sometime face. You will see their firm commitment to Israel and meet 25 years old officers who have the responsibility to lead soldiers into battle and bring them back alive and victorious. 
Sporting: rafting/ rock repelling/ ATV activity/snorkeling in the Mediterranean/ SUV (Jeep) trips into the desert –activities that we integrate into tours to create a better bond between the members in the group (family, friends).
During these activities, adrenaline and spirits rise and generate the smiles of children receiving an important lesson in their tradition.

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